Over 40 Years of History Designing Gates.

In the early 1970’s Wayne Skeem started in the gate business with his experience on his farm in Castleford, Idaho.  It was his nature to look for the most efficient way to get work done.  

He created and designed his first gate as an automated electric fence gate, called the “Horn Gate”.  It used a pneumatic single-arm verticle pivot and opened with the sound of an auto or tractor horn.  He electrified the gate to keep cattle inside.  His concept was to be able to open the gate from any vehicle that honked.  He worked with an electrical engineer in Utah to develop a circuit board that would recognize horn sequencing.


Over the decades Wayne experimented and perfected various gate operators and various access control operators.  Out of these efforts the Siren Operated Sensors were invented and distributed nation-wide.

In 1999 his son, Tom Skeem took over where his dad left off with selling gate product and servicing his dad’s customers through a new company called Eagle Gate Systems.  He focused on improving the technology for automating gate access.  His focus was on leveraging the best technologies that had been proven over previous decades.  


He expanded the business and improved on keeping competitive prices.  Eagle Gate Systems gate maintenance and repair services were so good that gates installed by other companies requested Tom to service their systems.


In 2013, Pro West Engineering, a company specializing in electrical engineering and automation services, purchased the company from Tom Skeem.  Pro West Engineering focuses on bringing the new technology into the gate business such as cell phone control, app integration and other cutting edge technologies.


We also design and fabricate gates and hardware in-house to help pass on savings to our customers.  Zach Specht and Austin Rea along with their team manage day to day projects and operations. 

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